Algebra II due on 11/13

Test on 1.1 , 1.3 and 1.4 on 11/13

P. 88/89 2-20 even, 30,32,40,42,44
P. 121, 1,6-10

Read p. 166, 167(1.3 only), 168(1.4 only)
Study the examples on the above pages very carefully!
P.170, 1-4 all
P. 173, 19-29 all

P. 173, 30-46 all

P. 177, 1-5 all, 16,17
Also do 6-8 all on p. 177

I want you to take a picture each day after you complete your homework and text it to me. Show all the steps not just the answer.


If I don’t get your homework picture each day, you will not get a chance to do the bonus on the test Friday. This is very important. It hold you accountable.
You should all do very well on the test if you carefully do your homework.

Good luck!

Mrs. A