Algebra I homework due on 1/30

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Algebra I homework for 1/30

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The instructions on some of the problems say solve by grouping on the trinomials. I only taught the guess and check method, so just use the method we used in class.
P.462/463 1-35 odd

P.765 lesson 9.6 17-35 odd (answers on p. 855)

P. 463 40- 46 all

The zeros of a function are values that make an expression zero, for example, in
(X+5)(x-4) , the zeros are -5 and +4.
P. 468 7-49 odd

P. 762 lesson 9.1 1-25 odd
P.763 lesson 9.2 1-35 odd

P. 763 lesson 9.3 1-37 odd
P. 764 lesson 9.5 1-41 odd

Answers to Wednesday and Thursday work start on p. 855.

We will have a test on chapter 9 on February 6.

Let me know if you have questions,