Algebra I for 8/25-8/29

Below you will find the exact list of homework problems for this first week.

These problems should mostly be review.  Since this is a new book for some of you, there may be some material that you didn’t cover last year.  Don’t be stressed about this – just read over the sections and look through the examples and you can even watch videos on the lessons from or even youtube(with parent’s supervision, I suggest)   There are so many instructional videos out there on a variety of math subjects.  You could even just google the topic you are having trouble with and videos will come up to choose from.

***CHECK HOMEWORK ANSWERS after each problem worked****

Week 1  8/25- 8/29

Monday p. 46/47, 1-17 all

Tuesday p. 47/48, 18-29 all, 34, 35

Wednesday p.106/107, 1-34 all

Thursday p. 108, 45-64 all

Friday ( in class)   I will answer homework questions from the week and teach/review ch. 3.

Homework answers for the odd problems are in the back of the book, p. 812 and 815.  I will send out even numbered problems answers by Monday.

*** It is important that you get used to checking answers to homework as soon as you work the problem so that you can catch errors early on and not repeat them over and over.
If you are checking answers and you are missing more than 10 or so a week, you need to get assistance with the concept by talking with a parent, watching a video on that topic or calling/emailing me.
It is not wise to come to class on Friday and say I didn’t do my homework because I didn’t understand how – get help during the week.
I will give a homework grade. Do know that if you only have a handful of problems ( 5 or 6 at the most) ( 6 for Count what’s his name from PB:)  that you don’t understand, I will have some time in class to go over homework from the previous week and that is acceptable.
Hope you have a great week,
Let me know if you have any questions,
Mrs. A