Algebra I for 3/6

p. 518/519 1-35 odd On the quadratic formula ones, I will send out the answers in exact form so you do not have to put them in decimal form.

p. 766 lesson 10.1 13-33 odd To graph 29, 31 and 33 , you need to complete the square in order to put the equation in vertex form.

p. 767 lesson 10.2 1-27 odd

p. 767 lesson 10.3 1-7 odd, 15-23 odd

p. 768 lesson 10.4 1-11 odd you do not have to graph

p. 768 lesson 10.5 1-35 odd I will send out answers in exact form for the ones that you have to use the quadratic formula.

On problems 17-23, you may factor any of these that will factor – you don’t have to use quadratic formula unless the equation will not factor.

You have a test on 3/13 on Chapter 10, so come to class with your questions.

Let me know if you have questions this week.

Be sure to check your answers in the back of the book.

Mrs. A