Algebra for 4/24

The homework this week will help you review for the final exam in Algebra I which will be given in class on May 15. The final counts a big part of your grade, so begin studying for it this week. It is over all we have studied in this book- horrors!
You can also begin studying your old tests, making sure you understand what you did wrong on each problem you missed.

There are a few problems on this week’s homework that we have not covered this year. But they are on the AC T and I want you to try to do them. You may look back at the section numbers and read how to do them for help. These will not be on your final exam on May 15.

P 644 1-5 all
7-18 all

P 645
20-38 all
40-43 all

P 688 1,2,4,6-11 all, 14,15

P689 17-22 all
24-31 all, 33-38 all

Let me know if you have questions.
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