Shurley Grammar 5 for October 10th

Add the 2nd set of Chapter 6 Vocabulary,  page 7 in Workbook to your Vocabulary Notebook.  Review Vocabulary from Chapters 1-6.

Practice Booklet:  Finish practice sentences on page 5.  We did the 1st set in class.

Daily Grams:  Finish through Day 18.  Remember to do at least one extra, if you haven’t caught up yet.

Take Test 6.  Be prepared to turn in Tests 5 & 6 on Friday.

Do  Workbook , Practice 2 for Chapter 6 on page 56.  This is a practice sentence and an improved sentence.

Writing Assignment: Chapter 6, Lesson 5 on page 112 of the Teacher’s Edition.  The topic is “My Favorite Animals.”  Please write in the first person.  We will change them to the third person in class on Friday.