Shurley English 6 for January 17th

Hello!  We are NOW on Chapter 15. Please complete Lessons 1-4. For vocabulary list #1, I gave you a sheet with all the information but the sentence.  Study it, and make up a sentence using the vocabulary word.  Do not do Lesson 5.

Classical Composition:  We started Lesson 1, The Ant and the Chrysalis in class.  Before doing the Three Plot Points on page 10, review the terms; recognition, reversal, and suffering. Next, do #2 under Variations: Part 1, page 11. Do Variations: Part 2 on page 13.  Then finish the outline on page 11.  We almost finished it in class. And finally, work on memorizing the three terms on page 12; anemographia, dendrographia, and ethopeoia.  We will continue to work on this lesson in class this Friday.  You are all off to a great start on your classical writing skills!