Shurley English 6 for January 10th

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your break; I know I did!  Let me start by saying how thankful I am to have such industrious, courteous students, and thank you for all the Christmas goodies.  My family and I have enjoyed each one!

For this week, we are in Chapter 16.  Please be prepared to share your Definition Poem from Lesson 1 Activity in class.  Complete Chapter 16 except for Lesson 5. This week we start in Classical Composition, Fable Stage, so be sure to bring that book as well to class.

Your composition assignment is to make sure you pack your CC, FS in your backpack!

The following are the vocabulary words from Chapter 16, Lesson 1:

  1. ebullient:  filled with life and enthusiasm:  The toddler’s ebullient nature made her grandparents feel more youthful.; syn: exuberant, high-spirited: ant: lethargic, sluggish
  2. exhilarated:  very happy and excited: It was exhilarated to find out that I had won the lottery!:  syn: ecstatic, giddy: ant.: depressed, sad
  3. appease:  to lessen the anger or agitation of:  The unwise mother appeased her screaming child with a piece of candy. : syn:  pacify, mollify: ant.: annoy, irritate
  4. antagonize:  to provoke the hostility of:  We shouldn’t needlessly antagonize others. : syn:  embitter, egg on:  ant.:  assuage, placate