Shurley English 6 for April 17th

This week we tackle Chapter 27. Use References 77-79 to learn your way around a library.  This is unfortunate timing since we can’t go to a library, but I will try to find an online video that can be helpful and send you the link..  I’ll also be sending your Vocabulary #1 worksheet later today.  There is a Test B this week, but I do not require it.

For composition this week, I would like you, with your parents’ permission, to send a friendly letter to two people- maybe a grandparent, elderly church member, Sunday school teacher, pastor, shut-in member, first responder, or friend.  When you are finished have a parent send me a picture of the completed envelope.  I do not need to see the letter if you don’t want me to.

Also for composition be reviewing all Figures of Description through Lesson 4.  I’ll send a matching quiz on these by Wednesday.