Lingua Latina (8:50-9:40)

Well done in class today. You hung in there with me as we were covering noun cases!  We’re going to hang out on lesson 5 until we nail down this new concept and the vocabulary.  So, your homework is:

Finish Visual Latin lesson 5

Quiz:  Know what the first five noun cases are and how they are used

Nominative:  subjects, predicate adj. & predicate nominatives

Genitive:  shows possession, of clauses

Dative:  indirect objects, to or for something or someone

Accusative:  direct objects, receives the action

Ablative:  “in, by, with, from” nouns following these prep.

Try to memorize the chart on page 18 (This will not be quizzed this Friday.)  Memorize thus way:  a, ae, ae, am, a, ae, arum, is, as, is (Ignore the vocative.) Same pattern for masculine and neuter.

Vocabulary: Quiz over lessons 1-3 boxes on pages 6, 9, & 12 only.

Let me know if you need help.