Land Animals

Happy Spring!  
Welcome Arthropods!
Hoping for some beautiful spring weather this week! Encourage your children to get outside! Let them discover and explore this week!
Take pictures of spider webs and send them to me.
Catch an insect, centipede or millipede (no worms, slugs, or snails, those are the following week) and bring to show and tell on Friday. Habitats are fun additions as well. Outdoor observation is the goal this week. If you’re having a hard time finding insects, look under wet leaves and rotting logs. Or, go out at night and turn flashlights on. I’ve attached a sheet to fill out about the Arthropod you find. It’s totally optional. If you’d like to draw a picture and fill out the information, bring it Friday and we will add it to our science portfolios.
Finish reading the Arthropod chapter.

Continue to watch your chrysalis. We could have some action this week! Just for fun, I posted a butterfly video on the FB page, if you’d like to understand more about the change that is taking place.

End of the Year Program
We are keeping the end of the year program simple. Each student will share 2-5 sentences. No big deal!  Here’s what they need to be prepared to say:

“One of my favorite animals we learned about is the _________. The reason it is my favorite is ______________ .”

Please be sure they give a good reason (a unique trait, a funny habit, an interesting fact), instead of “because it’s cute.” 🙂  They may expand on the reason (up to 5 sentences total) or just fill in the blank and be finished with 2 sentences. I would love for everyone to have something in their hands to hold. (Sometimes that makes speaking in front of crowds a little easier.) So, they are welcome to bring their poster/project from the special presentations, or a picture in a book or magazine. If you need a picture, let me know. I have several. You may use your same animal from the special presentations, or choose a different one. We will begin practicing for the program this Friday.