Land Animals

Slight Syllabus Change

I need to change the syllabus just a little bit. I think it would be helpful to read the Arthropod chapter a little early, since we will be visiting the MSU Arthropod Zoo on Friday. Being familiar with vocabulary words and species may be helpful- especially if they ask us any questions! Read however much of the chapter you have time for this week.


MSU Field Trip Friday:
We will meet promptly at 8:00 Friday morning in the church parking lot. Please encourage your kids to use the restroom quickly. Then load up in the vehicles. All they need will be a QUICK sack lunch, drink, snack, and optional souvenir money.  Also, for those who pre-ordered Wendy’s for Friday’s lunch, you may want to send Beth a message to revise or cancel your order. She won’t be able to deliver to Starkville. 🙂