First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 22nd

This week finish workbook exercises for Lesson XXV.  I will check this for completion on Friday.

We found out last Friday that we are a bit rusty on the perfect system verb conjugations, therefore, we will have a quiz on these on Friday.  The quiz will come from the information on page 34 of Lesson XII.  Know the chart.  Also, there will be translations taken directly for Lesson 10 of the Workbook, Drills A, B, & C.

A good way to study would be to start with the chart in front of you and work through the drills making sure you understand what the meanings are, i.e. what the action is, who is doing the action, and in what tense is the action being done.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We are at a make it or break it point, and I want all of you to make it.  Eum facere potes!