Elementary Physics and Chemistry

Just in case you aren’t getting my emails, here’s the assignments for the next week:

Science Fair Project

If you haven’t finished reading about your project, finish that up this week. Most of your time this week should be spent on the experiment portion of the project.
After the experiments are completed, information should be filled out for the Data Analysis and Conclusion pages in your science fair folder. Be sure to remember to bring the science fair folder Friday. I will be checking them during lunch.
Next week, we will begin putting all the information on the tri-fold board. So, if you do not have the board, be sure to get one this week.
Science Fair Folders
It is for your benefit to fill out the pages in the science fair folder. If the “Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, and Conclusion” are each completed along the way, it will make it MUCH easier next week, when it’s time to put the information on the board. I checked the folders last Friday. Several were incomplete, and several had punctuation/grammar errors. Please proof these, before your child begins writing out the information to go on the board. We have judges not associated with Excelsior, and we’d like to make a good impression.
If your child has been absent during the Science Fair Prep Weeks, all the information is included in the folder. Please review the information with your child, if necessary.