Elementary Chemistry and Physics

Science Fair Project

This week all experiments should be finished up and the process of putting information on the board should begin. We discussed the process of preparing the board in class Friday. On the last page of the science fair folder, there is a checklist to follow for the board. Your board doesn’t have to look exactly like the picture, but it does need to flow in order of the scientific method. I stressed for them to be sure to write neat and the appropriate size where it can be read easily. We will have some judges from local colleges, so we’d like to make a good impression!
Also be sure to plan out what will be displayed on your table. Non messy items can be displayed. But those who have messy projects, may need to display photos instead. We want to take care of the church’s facilities, so use wisdom in deciding what and how to display.
If your child has been keeping up in the folder, all the information (Question, Hypothesis, etc.) is already filled out, so it’s just a matter of copying it neatly. Some asked if they can type, and that is fine with me.
Two more weeks! You can do this!