3rd Form Latin for November 21st

I’m sorry had to miss last Friday.  I hope you don’t have any problems with lesson 12.  If you do, please call or email me.

This week’s assignment:

Lesson 12 Workbook Exercises

Thoroughly review prepositions in textbook, page 38.  You must memorize which case each preposition takes (either ablative or accusative).

The preps. with abl. can be sung to “O Christmas Tree,” and the preps. with acc. can be sung to “Momma’s Little Babies Love Shorten’ Bread.”   With the abl. song do not sing “a” and “e” .  With the acc. song, the last three preps are left out.

Your new vocabulary words are adjectives which when are modified by prepositional phrases, force the object of the prep. to take a particular case.  (This often happens with predicate adjectives. – That is, adjectives that follow a linking verb and modify the subject.)  Therefore, you must memorize the case it takes, along with its meaning.  BE VERY CAREFUL with this.