Sept. 20, 2017

NOTE: Given the amount of work in all the section reviews as well as the questions about the various parts of the Constitution, we will NOT require that students complete anything but the Chapter Review questions this week.

In addition, for the remainder of the semester students need not answer the Section Review questions as required homework, although reading and thinking through those questions will prove helpful in the long run. The only required assignments will be the Chapter Review questions. The Syllabus below has been modified to reflect these changes.



Fall 2017

Steve Crampton

In this class, we will be studying the foundations of American Government and tracing its roots historically.  Our text book is American Government, published by Bob Jones University.  We will also explore the making of our Constitution, the interaction of the three branches of government, the bureaucracy, public policy and politics, and our responsibilities as Christian members of the body politic.

Students will need to read the assignments, complete any assigned activities in a timely manner, and be prepared to discuss the materials in class.  While we will generally follow the plan set out below, students should check this website for any revisions to the schedule.

The Section and Chapter Reviews are found at the end of the chapters. Note that we will be skipping some of the chapters due to time constraints, so please be sure to follow along on the syllabus.


8/18                                            Read Chapter   1.                          Do Section and Chapter Review.

8/25                                            Read Chapter   2.                         Do Section and Chapter Review.

9/1                                              Read Chapter    3.                         Do Section and Chapter Review.

9/8                                             Read Chapter    4.                          Do Section and Chapter Review.

9.15                                             Read Chapter  5.                          Do Section and Chapter Review.

9/22                                            Read Chapter  6.                         Do Chapter Review.

9/29                                            Read Chapter  7.                          Do Chapter Review.

10/6                                            Read Chapter  10.                         Do Chapter Review.

10/13                                           Fall Break

10/20                                          Read Chapter 11.                          Do Chapter Review.

10/27                                          Read Chapter 12.                          Do Chapter Review.

11/3                                             Read Chapter 14.                          Do Chapter Review.

11/10                                          Read Chapter 15.                           Do Chapter Review.

11/17                                          Read Chapters 17-18.                    Be prepared to discuss. NO CHAPTER REVIEW.

11/24                                     Thanksgiving Break

12/1                                                 Review

12/8                                           Final Exam