Classical Rhetoric



Date Assignment

Aug. 29                      Introduction and overview. Read Introduction to Rhetorica ad Herennium (esp. pp. xviii-xxi).

Aug. 30                        Read Rhetorica, Book I, pp. 3-23 (through para. VII).  Outline and be prepared to discuss the five canons                                        of rhetoric (p. 7), means by which they may be attained, the six parts of a discourse (p. 9), the four types                                          of cause, the two kinds of introduction, etc.

Sept. 6                       Read Rhetorica, Bk. I, pp. 23-29. Outline and be prepared to discuss narration, three types of statement of                                      facts, three qualities a statement of facts should possess, etc.

Sept. 13                      Read Rhetorica, Bk. I, pp. 31-43. Outline and be prepared to discuss the division of the cause, distribution,                                      exposition, proof and refutation, the three types of issues, and the six subtypes of legal issues. Note: We                                        will review your outlines in class, so be sure they are up to date.

Sept. 20                      Presentation of first speeches (Introduction and Statement of Facts).

Sept. 27                      Read Rhetorica, Bk. I, pp. 43-end. Outline and be prepared to discuss juridical issues,                                                                          acknowledgements, the shifting of the question of guilt, rejection of the responsibility, comparison, the                                               justifying motive, the question of decision, and the points to adjudicate.

Oct. 4                          Review Bk. I; finish speeches as necessary. Overview of Bk. II.

Oct. 11                        Read and outline Rhetorica, Bk. II, 59-81 (through para. VIII).

Oct. 25                        Presentation of second speeches (motive and manner of life of the defendant).

Oct. 30                       Read and outline Rhetorica, Bk. II, pp. 81-99 (up to para. XV)

Nov. 8                        Read and outline Rhetorica, Bk. II, pp. 99 – 129 (up to para. XXII.

Nov. 15                      Read and outline Rhetorica, Bk. II, pp. 129 – 139 (up to para. XXVIII).

Nov. 22                      Read and outline Rhetorica, Bk. II, pp. 139 -153 (through end of Book II).


Dec. 6                         Summary Review.

Dec. 13                       Mid-Term Exam.


Jan. 8                         Rhetorica, Bk. II, pp. 141-end.

Jan. 15                       Rhetorica, Bk. III, pp. 157-173.

Jan. 22                       Rhetorica, Bk. III, pp. 173-195.

Jan. 29                        Rhetorica, Bk. III, pp. 197-205.

Feb. 5                          Presentation of speeches.


Feb. 12                        Continue speeches.

Winter Break

Feb. 26                        Rhetorica, Bk. III, pp. 205-end.

March 4                     Rhetorica, Bk. IV, pp. 229-247.

March 11                   Rhetorica, Bk. IV, pp. 247-269.

Spring Break

March 25                   Rhetorica, Bk. IV, pp. 269-289.

April 1                        Rhetorica, Bk. IV, pp. 315-325.

April 8                       Presentation of speeches.

April 15                     Continue speeches.

April 22 Rhetorica, Bk. IV, pp. 289-301.

April 29                     Rhetorica, Bk. IV, pp. 301-315.

May 6                         Summary review.

May 13                       Final Exam.