4th-6th History


Week 4


September 9-13

Sumeria and Ancient Eastern Civilization

Study Fast Facts #4 (Quiz on Friday)

Practice recitation: Psalm 148. Due September 20.


Reading Discussion Other
Day 1 Topic: Chaldean

Read Genesis 12

or Ch 12 in CSB

· Why do you think God called Abram out of Ur?

· What does God promise Abram?


Note: Ur was discovered in 1922 by Leonard Wooley

Study Fast Facts



Day 2 Topic: Sumerian, later Assyria and Babylon


Read Streams of Civilization

“Old Sumer”

pp. 34-38


· Discuss the Epic of Gilgamesh

· Why is this important? (This is the first written story which still exists; and it mentions a world-wide flood)

Study Fast Facts
Day 3 Topic: Babylonians and the Code of Hammurabi


Read Streams of Civilization

“The Old Babylonian Kingdom” pp. 61-63



Study Fast Facts
Day 4 No reading or discussion! Extra study day! Study Fast Facts