Week of September 30th

For those children who did not do their recitatons on Friday, they can do it this Friday.:}  The ones who did the recitations…WOW…WOW…WOW!!!

Please have your children do the assignments pertaining to week 8 on Westward Expansion.  If he or she would like to do a short report on their favorite president or event we have studied thus far, they are welcomed to present it in class on Friday.  The piece of paper in the binder is for them to attach their report to (that is if they would like to do something…short and sweet:}).  I thought it might be someething you might like to keep from this year of history.  It is not a quiz, but something they have written.

A quiz will be given on Friday from the Fast Facts.

I am so proud of your children!  God has truly blessed you all with super smart children.  God has great plans for them.

Have a super week!!!