Week of April 14th

Hi Everyone,

I hope this week is a great week for you all.  We will be studying The Cold War, Korea and Vietnam.  Fast facts quiz on Friday.

For my benefit, I want to clarify with you all something I was hoping I would not have to address; however, I feel I need to do this.  I am sure some of you know why and some may be wondering why Josie Kate has taught the class a few times for me this semester.  So, here we go….On January 28th, I started working at Mitchell, McNutt and Sams in accounting.  You must know when I talked to MMS about the postiion I told them about Excelsior.  They had no problem with me teaching on Fridays and it is still not a problem.  On January 29th, I was served with divorce papers.  On or around February 02nd,  we found out my Daddy has cancer.  We now know he has stage 4 cancer…gallbladder that went to bone and also lung cancer.

At times this semester, I have needed Josie Kate to step in for me because there have been weeks I had to run errands and get paperwork for the divorce thus no extra time on Friday or I had to get paperwork to my attorney’s staff.

I want you to know she has experience in teaching children.  Josie Kate tutored last semester in the afternoon in Saltillo … public and homeschool children.  Now, she tutors 9 students every week in every subject.  With two of her students, she is pretty much their teacher.  They do online work, tests and she reviews with them to make sure they know it.  For the history class on Friday, she reviews the material and is prepared.  She loves being in there with them and talking to them about history.

I should have mentioned it before now why she was in there on Fridays, but I hope you understand this is just not something I wanted to broadcast.  It can be overwhelming to say the least; however, God is faithful.  Please remember us in your prayers as you come before His precious throne.

Much Love!