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    General Science

    Every chapter, the students will be expected to complete the study guide and grade it themselves, or parents can grade it and review the answers with the students. Any experiment that the student does at home needs to be recorded in their notebook. Week 1, Aug 18 Rd pg 1-18, OYO, Exp 1:2 Week 2, Aug 25 Rd pg 18-31 OYO, Study guide, Study for test Week 3, Sept 1 Rd pg 35-55, OYO, Exp 2:1, 2;2 Week 4, Sept 8 Study Guide Ch 2. Rd pg 59-69 Exp 3:3, 3:4 OYO Week 5, Sept 15 Rd 70-77 OYO, Study Guide, Take Home Test for Ch 3&4

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    Physical Science Syllabus for 2nd semester

    Jan. 6 P 203-216, Exp 9:1 Jan. 13 P 217-228, Test Mod. 9 Jan 20 P 228-244 Exp 10:1, 10:2. 10:3 Jan. 27 P. 245-254 Test Mod. 10 Feb 3 P. 255-272 Exp. 11:1 Feb 10 P 272-284 Essay on Pluto will be extra credit, Test Mod 11 Feb. 24 P. 285-301 Exp 12:3 March 3 P. 302-312 Test Mod 12 March 10 P. 313-328 March 24 P 329-340 Test Mod 13 March 31 P 341-354 Exp 14:1, Exp 14:3 April 6 P.355-366 Test Mod 14 April 14 P 367-385 Exp 15:1, Exp 15:4 optional April 21 P 386-396 Exp 15:5 Test Mod 15 April 28 P 397-422 Test Mod…

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    1st and 2nd Grade Science

    Hi Parents! My goal for this class is to take a topic covered in the reading and do a craft with them.  I will read excerpts to them and ask them questions about the reading as we do the crafts.  Occasionally I have an experiment for them to do at home because it is not feasible for us to do in the classroom.  If the assignment comes from the notebook, I will either copy it or take a photo of it with my phone and text it to you.  I did not assign any other work except for a project later in the year for them to do at home.…

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    7th & 8th grade Science

    Hi Parents! I sent out a syllabus in a calendar form with suggested daily assignments.  I will be checking the lab reports and study guides as a part of their grade.  Please grade (or have them grade) their study guides with a red pen prior to coming to class.  This is essential to them making a good grade on the tests. I will let you know of any changes to the schedule.  In October, we are doing back to back chapters one week.  All other chapters will take two weeks to cover.  Once I gauge how well the kids are keeping up, I will throw in an additional group project.…