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    Shurley English 6 for September 11th

    This week is Chapter 3. We completed Lesson 1 in class and most of Lesson 5. Please complete Lessons 2-4 and write your paragraph from Lesson 5 on notebook paper. Be sure to use Reference 4 on page 11 of your workbook to revise and edit your paragraph. A big shout out to Beth and Colbie’s parents for putting the tabs in the workbooks. It is a tremendous time saver during class! Happy Labor Day!

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    Lingua Latina for September 11th

    This week take your test and have your parent sign it. Also, finish VL Lessons 12 and 13. The class will become more challenging from here on out, so be sure to keep up with your assignments. Commit to memory the ablative prepositions in VL Lesson 13 (Sid P. Space). If you have time begin to memorize the interrogative pronouns chart in VL Lesson 14. Happy Labor Day!

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    Shurley English 6 for September 4th

    This week, you will be finishing Chapter 2. From Lesson 1, the only assignment left is to finish the activity on page 17 of the Teacher’s Manual (TM). Lesson 2 is completed. You will need to do Lessons 3-5 at home. Bring your completed work (practice sentences, vocabulary, workbook practice, daily grams, and test) to class on Friday. There is no writing assignment this week. Parents: it would be helpful if tabs were placed on the current assignments in the workbook, practice sentence book and daily gram book, so the students can quickly turn to the last assignment completed. Thank you 🙂 If you have any questions, text me at…

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    Lingua Latina for September 4th

    Kudos to my discipuli latinae! Another great week! This week finish what we didn’t complete of VL Lessons 7-10 and complete VL Lesson 11 on your own. (Of course, text me if you have any questions.) I will hand out a test next Friday. This needs to be proctored and signed by a parent and returned the following week. The test is closed book/notes/internet/parent/friend/etc. The test will include vocabulary for VL Lessons 1-10 (I will give the Latin; you will give the English.) and the grammar concepts from VL Lessons 1-10. Of course, I mentioned a bonus worth 5 points in class last Friday. Have a great week!

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    Shurley English 6 for August 28th

    Friday went very well. Both Beth and Colbie shared great long term and short term goals! The only item needing completion in Chapter 1 is Vocabulary Words #2. Students can find the vocabulary on page 7 of the reference section of the Student Book. Please follow the Reference 2: Six-Step Vocabulary Plan on page 9 of the Student Book. One other thing, don’t forget that I’ll check up to 6 Daily Grams (DG) on Friday that will count as extra credit on the first test! In other words, this is a very light week for English class this week! Enjoy!

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    Lingua Latina for August 28th

    I am very pleased with how well everyone was prepared for class on Friday. Good job; keep it up! For this week finish what we didn’t complete of VL Lessons 3-5 AND complete VL Lesson 6. No quiz this week, but keep up with VL Lessons 1-6 vocabulary and grammar concepts. There will be a test after VL Lesson 10. See you Friday!

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    Lingua Latina for August 21st

    Welcome to Lingua Latina! Complete Visual Latin, Lessons 1 & 2 (pages 2-9). By “Completing” I mean, do the written exercises and memorize the grammar concepts and vocabulary. However, don’t stress; there will not be a quiz this Friday! Text me at 397-3234 if you don’t understand the assignment or you have problems with the assignment. Looking forward to studying Latin together with you all! There is no need to bring your Lingua Latina Textbook to class at this time. Just bring your Visual Latin binder. See you Friday!

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    Shurley English 6 for August 21st

    Welcome to English 6! I look forward to meeting you on Friday! The assignments to be done before August 21st are Shurley Grammar, Chapter 1, Lessons 1 & 2. These lessons cover goal setting (both long and short) and good study habits. I will have the students share in class some of their goals and their thoughts on what it will take to be successful academically this year. Have a great first week!

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    Shurley English 6 for May 15th

    Hello my budding grammarians and writers! You have made it through your Shurley English studies; it is the end of an era!  You will continue to hone and use your skills for the rest of your life.  I am very proud of all of you! Your last lesson is Lesson 13, “The Sick Lion,” of your Classical Composition.  Be as creative and descriptive as you can, and don’t forget to label your FOD’s. I have enjoyed having each of you in class this year.  I look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments over the coming years! God’s blessings, Mrs. Leckie

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    First Form Latin, Year 2 for May 15th

    First Form Latin, Oral Recitation (Complete)   Salvete, Discipuli Latinae! You have made it to the end of First Form Latin, yet for most of you this is just a springboard to further Latin studies.  I am very proud of you, and I encourage you to glance at your Latin every once in a while over the summer, so you don’t lose the progress you have worked so hard to achieve all year. Your assignment this week is to  completely review the attached (at the top of this post) First Form Latin Oral Recitation Review 3 times.  If you can keep this knowledge fresh in your mind over the summer,…