• Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for December 6th

    Welcome back from Thanksgiving! This week finish Chapter 13, Lessons 2-4.  There is no writing assignment this week.  Use the extra time to polish up on your synonym/antonym pairs. Parents:  When we start back to school in January, we will be switching from Shurley English 6 Composition to Classical Composition.  If your student doesn’t already have Memoria Press’ Classical Composition I, Fable Stage, this would be an excellent time to order it.  Thank you!

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    First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 22nd

    This week finish workbook exercises for Lesson XXV.  I will check this for completion on Friday. We found out last Friday that we are a bit rusty on the perfect system verb conjugations, therefore, we will have a quiz on these on Friday.  The quiz will come from the information on page 34 of Lesson XII.  Know the chart.  Also, there will be translations taken directly for Lesson 10 of the Workbook, Drills A, B, & C. A good way to study would be to start with the chart in front of you and work through the drills making sure you understand what the meanings are, i.e. what the action…

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 15th

    This week we started learning the 4th declension in Lesson XXV.  Begin working on the workbook pages; they are not due until the 22nd.  Your quiz this week will be over the 4th declension chart and the vocabulary, as well as this week’s saying, Senatus Populusque Romanus. Make sure you don’t just say you’ll study, but actually do it – “Acta non verba.” See you Friday!  

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 1st

    This week is a review week for 3rd declension.  Begin working through Lesson XXIV. Your quiz this week will be on the 3rd declension chart on page 62 and the vocabulary.  This is ALL review.  Make sure you know the full definition form for each vocabulary word.  For example:  heart, cor, cordis, n. Parents, I will be emailing 1st quarter grades this week. Finally, Macte hac Gloria! to Asa for winning the review game last Friday! You will receive your praemium on Friday!!!

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for November 1st

    Well, it certainly has been an eventful weekend in Tupelo and the surrounding areas!  Many yards need some extra attention this week, so I am deleting the writing assignment for this week’s lessons.  All you need to do is finish lessons 2-4 of Chapter 9. Also, parents, I will be sending out grade averages for the first quarter by email this week.