Shurley English 6 for September 21st

I am so please with  this terrific group of students. They are bright and eager to learn!  Thanks goes out to Lydia who shared her “Preposition help sheet,” and Jack who helped keep us on schedule!

This week, complete Chapter 5, including vocabulary set 2, practice sentences, test 5 (I will take up tests 4 & 5 this week),  your extra credit Daily Grams, and the writing assignment.  There are 2 paragraphs this week, one in first person and one in third person.  Special note for writing assignment.  Do not use the same adjective or verb more than once in one paragraph.  I know this will stretch you a little, but break out your thesauruses/dictionaries and work your vocabulary muscles!!

Special note: Exercise 6 on the test is not required by me.