Mission Statement

The mission for this group is to exalt the Lord God in both teaching our children and the relationships which exist with the children and among ourselves as parents.

Our goal for our children is to provide opportunities afforded by a classroom setting to advance the goals of a classical Christian education. This includes:

* giving them a consistent means of interacting with a group of children and teachers otherwise not afforded in a homeschooling setting;
* teaching them the necessity and blessing of respecting authority;
* encouraging and re-enforcing the character traits of attentiveness, cooperation and responsibility;
* providing teaching and activities that would otherwise be impractical, if not impossible, to do at home;
* providing opportunities for monthly field trips through the support group; and
* instructing them in specific curriculum to advance a classical Christian education specifically Latin, logic, and speech; as well as other classes instructed in a classical method.

Read our Statement of Faith.