• Economics


    Finish your reading and written work this week. Economics for Everybody: read lessons 9, 10, 11, 12 and complete the multiple choice questions. Read books IV and V from “Wealth of Nations” and complete the questions in your syllabus. Bring all of these to class on 4/27 along with your previous 3 quizzes. We will begin the review for the final which is on May 4. Group projects are due May 11 and have a maximum of 5 minute for the presentations.

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    Land Animals

    Gastropods and Worms Please begin reading our last chapter! And, of course, since it’s spring, go out and find some worms to bring to class Friday!! Fun!! Fun!!  We’ll be comparing our worms to see if we all found the same kind or different kinds. End of the Year Program On Friday, we discussed the end-of-the-year program. Each student needs to be prepared to say 2-5 sentences: “One of my favorite animals we learned about is the _________. The reason it is my favorite is _______________ .” Some have asked to read from a paragraph we wrote in class about our special presentations. Either option is fine with me. Since we’ll…

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for April 20th

    For Composition:  We started “The Bear and the Two Travelers” this Friday.  This is Lesson 7. (We skipped Lesson 6.)  Please do the three plot points and variations 1 for this week. Finish Shurley English, Chapter 27 (vocabulary, test).  Test 27B is not required by me. We are finished with the practice sentences for the year!

  • Lingua Latina Advanced

    Lingua Latina Advanced for April 20th

    Your ONLY assignment this week is to memorize the Latin active and passive infinitives on page 145 of your Visual Latin Lesson 26 handouts.  You do NOT need to finish the lesson exercises this week!  Remember:  I will give you “to love,” and you will give me “amare.” I will give you “to be loved,” and you will give me “amari.”

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of April 15th

    Hi Everyone, This is the list for the last few Fridays we have in school.  I know you all are bombarded with finishing so many different things…school, music, sports and so-on.  I hope this will make the sprint to the end easier on you.  Thank you all for what you do! April 20th…Assignments for week 30     A weekly quiz will be given on Friday on the fast facts your child brought home.  If the fast facts did not make it home, please let me know and I will be happy to get them to you. April 27th…We will review in class for the final which will be on May…

  • 3rd-6th Science

    Land Animals

    Happy Spring!     Welcome Arthropods! Hoping for some beautiful spring weather this week! Encourage your children to get outside! Let them discover and explore this week! Take pictures of spider webs and send them to me. Catch an insect, centipede or millipede (no worms, slugs, or snails, those are the following week) and bring to show and tell on Friday. Habitats are fun additions as well. Outdoor observation is the goal this week. If you’re having a hard time finding insects, look under wet leaves and rotting logs. Or, go out at night and turn flashlights on. I’ve attached a sheet to fill out about the Arthropod you find.…

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of April 08th

    Please have your child do the assignments pertaining to Week 29…Lewis and Clark Expedition, Second Great Awakening.  A quiz will be given on the fast facts.  Please have them to start learning the Star Spangled Banner for next Friday. There are no fast facts for Week 30 on War of 1812 and the Missouri compromise.  I will send them home with your child on Friday. Have a great week!!!

  • 3rd-6th Science

    Land Animals

    We had such a good time Friday on the field trip! The kids did great and I know they learned a lot. Each child should have received a chrysalis for a painted lady butterfly, along with an instruction sheet. We’re on the last step in section 2 on the instruction sheet. So, if you haven’t already, you should hang your chrysalis in a safe place. If you don’t have a butterfly house, then a jar with holes, or an insect box from dollar tree should work, depending on how long you’d like to keep it. For this week, read the first part of the Arthropod chapter (page 229-238) if you…